Crate Policy

While we work through backorder/production issues the following is the policy for any changes in your crate order. 

Once a customer places an order they will be contacted to confirm an agreement to wait for the crate to be manufactured. Customers will be given an estimate of time, but production delays can occur. Boulderbarks will give customers our best estimate for the wait. When a customer confirms willingness to wait for the crate(s) to be produced, we then purchase the materials and are invoiced by the cabinetry shop for the crate(s). If a customer agrees to the proposed timeline, there are no options to cancel and receive a refund during this timeline. If we go beyond that timeline and we follow up with the customer to confirm the continued wait is acceptable, the customer continues to be ineligible for a cancellation and refund. If a customer does not agree to the continued wait, eligibility for a full refund is granted. 

When in a written agreement to hold a backorder, customers are not eligible for a refund. If boulderbarks is outside of the agreed upon timeline, you are eligible for a refund. 

If a customer has been notified via text about a continued wait and we do not receive a reply, we will assume the continued wait is acceptable. 

We strive to keep in contact with every customer to update any news about production progress. If at any time a customer would like to inquire, we ask that you text or email boulderbarks at 303-585-1244 or, respectively. 

We expect all backorder delays to end no later than May 15, 2024. Once the backorders have been manufactured, the typical turnaround time for crates will be approximately 7 days. Custom sizing orders can take up to 60 days depending on the need to source raw materials that are outside of our usual stock. 

Customers are always welcome to call or email prior to placing an order to inquire about policy details or crate production projections. 

We are appreciative of our customers for their understanding and patience while we work through the backorders.