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Rocky Mountain Foothill Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado

Our Brand Story

My name is Emily. I am a Dog Mom to 3 dogs. I  publish my own photos, so you will see my two long-haired chihuahuas, Hank & Lisa on the website. You will also see my Australian Cattle Dog named Hunter. Hunter was formerly a working dog and became a "foster fail" in 2016. Sadly, he was surrendered by his former family. He's been the best addition to my little dog family! I also am a Mom to a wonderful teenager, who is now 19! Man, am I getting old! I love being outside and soaking up everything Colorado. I love everything from hiking to casual walks with the pups to snowboarding and snowshoeing in the winter. There isn’t a day go by that I take the mountain views for granted. They’re truly majestic and I always feel fortunate to live in this beautiful state. 

That's a little about who I am and now I'll tell you more about my boulderbarks journey!

When the wheels started turning to create boulderbarks, the first thought I had was where the money was going to come from! Being a proud single Mom for 19 years, you'd better believe I know hard work! (Shout out to the single moms!)  That being said, there wasn't a lot of money floating around. I decided I could create a store and become a retailer for brands who have the same mission as me and that I can trust their practices and quality. I knew if I started with this model, I would grow into creating my own products.

Little by little I saved and first bought two industrial sewing machines. Did I know how to use them? Ha! No! I practiced and practiced and am happy to say I learned my way. They sat in my house until I saved up enough to design and produce the jacquard ribbon that the patterns are made from. This takes a weaving machine and that is definitely beyond my they take a digital image and turn it into collar material is unreal!

I still needed to buy the buckles, metal hardware, and the nylon webbing backing so I kept saving! Now I have FINALLY saved enough to start production. I have 8 patterns of my own now and about 8 more in the design phase. My goal is to have hundreds of patterns in collars & leashes and to branch out to clothing, toys, and beds. As I accomplish each goal, I will phase out the products from the other manufacturers. 

Words cannot express how much appreciation I have for every single person who has made this journey possible for me. I love working with all of my customers and have even become friends with some of you! It has been blood, sweat, and tears...and mistakes and discouragement and tenacity to keep going. And then there are the happy moments of success and I want to jump for joy! 

Coming from a background in the medical field, all of this was absolutely foreign to me, but I am really proud of my stick-with-it attitude and really digging in to the learning process. 

I have poured my heart and soul into crafting each boulderbarks product, meticulously selecting the finest materials that combined style, durability, and comfort. I understand that a dog collar and leash should be more than just functional; they should reflect the unique personality and spirit of each dog, while ensuring their safety and well-being.

As boulderbarks has flourished, my commitment to giving back grew stronger.  There is great importance in supporting animal shelters and rescue organizations that work tirelessly to provide loving homes for dogs in need. Boulderbarks has become a beacon of hope, donating a portion of its proceeds to these noble causes, ensuring that every purchase made a difference in the lives of dogs waiting to find their forever homes.

My brand philosophy revolves around sustainability and ethical practices. I prioritize sourcing high-quality materials from eco-friendly suppliers and promote fair trade practices. Every part of each collar and leash is constructed using materials all sourced within the U.S. I believe that fashion should be a force for good, not only making dogs look fabulous but also contributing positively to society and the environment.

Today, from the Rocky Mountains of Boulder, Colorado, boulderbarks continues to thrive, a testament to my unwavering love for dogs and my commitment to the create my brand no matter how hard the work is and how big a job it is. With each collar and leash crafted with precision and care, my brand remains dedicated to dog owners to explore the world with their four-legged friends, forging an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime.

Join me on this dog fashion odyssey as I unveil new chapters of style and design. With boulderbarks, you become a part of my story, a story where dog fashion knows no boundaries, and every dog shines in the most extraordinary way.




Boulderbarks came about after years of inspiration from rescuing so many kind-hearted pups coming from not-so-great situations.

Despite their misfortunes, they still had so much love and companionship to give. It is our mission to help all four-legged friends find new life in happy homes. through this mission, boulderbarks strives to make the shopping experience fun and hassle-free. we believe in thoughtful design, relationships, and real conversations.

Come along for the journey!


We Believe All Dogs Deserve To Be Pampered And Want Every Pup Parent To Be Proud While Showing Off Their Most Loyal Friends. It Is Our Mission To Offer Dog Lovers Around The World An Excellent Purchase Experience From Design To Delivery.


Driven By A Passion For Pups, Boulderbarks Began With A Quest In Mind - Reinvent The Dog Market By Offering Modern And Hard To Find Products.


We Responsibly Source All Of Our Products. We Strive To Work With Brands Who Only Offer Top Quality Products. We Support Brands Who Are Equally As Passionate About Animals As We Are! Boulderbarks Is Small, But Is Growing! Recently, We Began The Design And Manufacturing Of Our Own Brand (And We Are Excited!) As Our Business Grows, All Our Product Offering Will Be Proudly Made In Colorado.