The Way A Dog Sleeps Says More Than You'd Think! Here's Why!

Not all dogs exhibit this peculiar sleeping position, but when they do, it is hilarious and adorable. What does it mean though? I asked my own dog, Hunter, why and he really didn't have much to say, however I did get an excited face seeming to be curious only about when feeding time is coming or where's my ball? So, I turned to the internet for answers from the people that call themselves doggie experts. 

I read there's actually a name for this endearing dog quality. CRAZY LEGS! I'd say that's a pretty good description. I guess I am doing okay as a dog mom because the dogs that lie with these so-called CRAZY LEGS are confident, comfortable, and they feel safe in their surroundings. This is great news since all three of my dogs are regularly sprawled out without a care in the world. 

Another common position for dogs to get their Zzzzz is curled up in a ball. Curled up is said to be from the innate qualities of pre-domesticated wild dogs and wolves! Okay, okay now...I think it's safe to say sometimes our good ol' pups just like to be cute for us and they know we love them even more (as if) when they are adorable. Buuut, if you want to go with WOLF, I can't blame you because it just sounds COOL!

Since Hank, Lisa, and Hunter insist on being internet stars, here is a sweet pic of them being all cute and stuff. 

Let's see pics of your dog's CRAZY LEGS! 


Written by Emily-dog mom of 3 silly, cute, and also sometimes crazy dogs. 


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